stupid rabbit trixs are for kids
Hi im Christina -- music is my life-
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"This homework is optional but you should do it for practice"


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walking downstairs in the middle of the night after bloggingimage

Mom: “Why are you awake?


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you dont know embarrassment until you have to wear science goggles over your glasses

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I brought my little brother Spencer as my date and when I told him I was nominated for this [Hot & Funny] award, he told me that if under any circumstances I won, I had to say the following things. 

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If I was an author, I’d go into bookstores and find the shelf with my books, randomly sign one, and put it back on the shelf to be sold. 

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When you’re 18 and single and you never had a relationship. It’s a bit sad. But when you’re brilliant Psychology friend tells you it’s crucial for you’re age. Then that just sweetens everything up then

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